Monday, March 12, 2012

Victoria's Secret Haul part.1

Here's the first half of my Victoria's Secret Haul! 

I saw these really cute bags in the PINK section and had to get them. 

The first bag is this cute pink tote called the Bling Weekender Bag for $29.50.
I love it so much! I spilled coffee on it and it came right out in the washing machine.

The next one is the Bling Slouchy Tote for $29.50 and I've been using it for school and errands. 
Its pretty big but what girl doesn't like big bags.

Lastly I bought some of the Pure Seduction Body Lotion and Body Wash for $10-$12. 
I love the smell and new packaging.

Part 2 is coming up ❤

Pictures from Google Images. No copyright violation is intended. 


  1. I love those bags! Especially the first one! Really cute! Great Haul!

    Hope you visit me on my Blog

    1. thanks for commenting. I like your blog so I followed.
      If you like my blog maybe you could follow me too :)