Thursday, March 8, 2012

❤Bella Beauty Tip❤

Hi my Bellas!

Don't you hate it when one of your long nails is starting to break off? 
It starts to get snagged on your clothing and gets very annoying to deal with so you just cut it off?

Well no more my dears! No more!

Here's today tip to help you deal with long breaking nails.

When you notice the corner of your nail has ripped slightly, tend to it right away!

Take any tea bag and cut off a small piece, wet it and apply the ripped section of your nail.

Make sure its big enough to cover the spot that's ripping in the front and big enough to wrap around to the back of your nail.

Apply two coats of clear nail strengthening polish to your entire nail and at the back of your nail.
(By back of the nail I mean where the dirt gathers sometimes ^_^)

(This is not a permanent solution and you will have to cut your nail eventually but this will tie you over until your nail grows to a length that you're comfortable cutting)

After a while your nail will have grown out enough for you to cut it down to get rid of the ripped edge. 



  1. Just gave you an award...check out our blog :)

  2. I so needed this tip yesterday! This happened to my ring finger and now I have one short nail:(. I'll be using this tip in the future. Thanks!

    1. You're so welcome. Sorry about your nail. I hate when I have one short one :(