Friday, March 23, 2012

❤Nail Polish of the Month❤

Hi my darling Bellas!!

I'm so sorry for the long wait my lovelies!!!! 
I've been really busy with school stuff and boring day to day life. 
I'm almost at 150 followers and I've decide to save the giveaway for 200 followers instead. 
Most of the makeup I bought has come in the mail so stay tuned because I'll be posting on that soon.


This will be the first of many Nail Polish of the Month posts ❤

My favorite nail polish for the month of March is this adorable ballerina pink nail varnish from called Bela. 

I've been wearing this color on and off all month and I love it!

I get a ton of compliments wearing it and it matches all my outfits. 

I wear 3 coats of this with a base and top coat for an opaque glossy finish.

It has a non-glittery cream finish and looks great on many different skin tones but especially on fair to golden tan complexions ❤

I really recommend this varnish for all you pink lovers out there! ^-^

Thanks for following, commenting, supporting me and being patient during my brief hiatus. Kisses! ❤

Photos credited to Google Images. No copyright violation is intended.


  1. omg that is just gorgeousss!!! so pretty for spring! xx

  2. Zoya is by far the best nail polish out there! And I'm happy that wonderful bloggers like you, Liza, are spreading the word about it!;-)))

    1. Thanks so much for the lovely comment.
      Zoya is a great brand and it deserves more recognition. I'm glad you liked the post.
      Thanks for following. I'm following you too <3

    2. Oh, Liza! thank you, I appreciate it;-))) And I'm most certainly waiting for more of your cool hauls and reviews;-))))

  3. Very pretty <3 Love this shade!!! Nice blog honey <3

    1. thanks for commenting. I love your blog.
      Im your 1380th follower :)
      Hopefully you could follow back <3

  4. Beautiful color!

  5. I love that colour!
    I'm following you check out my blog :) xxxx

  6. Such a perfect baby pink! I love this colour for spring and summer! Great post:)

    1. thanks so much. I followed you.
      I love your caviar nail post.

  7. Wow i adore those nails cute