Saturday, March 3, 2012

❤Bella Beauty Tip❤

Hi my Bella's,

I want to thank everyone for following my blog and commenting on my posts. 

I'm coming up with all kinds of different things to blog about. Im working on a ton of hauls and reviews for you guys so bear with me since that might take a little while. 

Like I said before, I wont be posting too much during the work week but I have spring break soon so I'll be able to do a lot of posting then. 

Here's today's tip

Find yourself wanting to use a body scrub like the ones they have at the expensive spa's?
Don't want to pay spa prices? Don't want to buy a pricey body scrub that might not smell the way you want it?

Don't worry you could make your own!!

Take your favorite body wash and add any kind of sugar (or kosher salt but sugar is better)

Mix well, apply to the skin, scrub scrub scrub and rinse off for smooth polished skin.


  1. Thanks for the tip!!

    1. Thanks for the comment! I followed your blog. I live in NYC too <3

      Please follow me for more beauty tips :)

  2. what a lovely blog you have here, now following :) xx