Monday, March 12, 2012

Forever21 Haul part.1

I went to Forever21 to buy some new jeans and I had to get some of these things in the accessories section. 

I got these two bow leather bracelets for $1.50 each one in black and one in brown. 
They're super cute and I'm really into bows ❤

I got three flower rings in blue pink and cream, they have rhinestones and aren't that special but I wanted some more rings each one was $1.50

I bought these amazing braided suede rhinestone bracelets for $5.80 each for the cream one and black one. 
I get lots of complements on them ❤

Lastly for the jewelry I bought these huge pink and gold feathered earrings for $5.80

I got three pencil case things that you might recognize from my post on 
I already had the black one so when I saw these I had to get them. 
I got a purple, light pink, and hot pink one for $5.80 each

Finally I picked up this random pink leopard print towel for $9.80 because it was cute ^_^

Part 2 is coming up ❤

The last image is credited to and no copyright violation is intended. 


  1. Too cute! I wish I had a Forever 21 where I live! :( Great post though hun! I absolutley love those earrings!