Sunday, February 6, 2011

Hello Kitty Collectible PEZ Dispensers ^_^

Got this from Forever21 for $14.80 it comes with 4 HK PEZ Dispensers and 3 PEZ flavors of Cherry, Orange and Lemon. Everything comes in a cute HK tine lunchbox!

❤ Hello Kitty Lipbalm Mini Haul feat. Hello Kitty Lipgloss Rings ❤

So...fricking...CUTE!!!!!! I got them from Target for about $5 each the lipblam has no color but it actually smells like fruit and its pretty good on my lips (almost as good as my EOS balm) ❤

The lipgloss rings have colored glittery scented glosses and they dont fit on sausage fingers so sorry if you have that problem. These fit me perfectly and I'm a ring size 7 so if you're around there you'll be fine. The gloss is really clear when applied on the lips so i just use these rings for finger candy. ❤

❤ Tokidoki Notebooks ❤

These are the Tokidoki notebooks I bought from Ebay. They're called the Discoteca and Heaven & Hell notebooks. They're about $12 each.

❤ Tokidoki Journals ❤

Lately I've been getting into cute stationary/school and office supplies so when I saw these on Ebay I just had to get them!! ^_^

These are the Tokidoki Journals! They're so cute!! Each costs $10 which is nice considering that Tokidoki is a slightly pricey brand. The journals dont really have names so I call them my Sugar and Spice Journals ❤ (obviously the pink one is "Sugar" and the green one is "Spice") I found them under the year they were made. The green is the 2008 edition and the pink is the 2007.

They're spiral bound hardcover journals with 128 full color pages loaded with all those cute Simone Legno characters and designs.

I get at least 10 people asking me where I got the "super cute journals from!" everywhere I take them! It actually gets kind of annoying but thats just a testament to how adorable they are! Buy them now on Ebay or!

Monday, January 31, 2011

Circus Polyvore

Fuck Yea Glitter