Saturday, March 10, 2012

❤Meet Mark Mini Haul❤

So I went to and bought a few things! 
I love this site because it's a part of Avon and who doesn't love Avon. 

Meet Mark is for the younger makeup lover and has celebrity sponsors like Ashley Greene from Twilight!

They have really great products from makeup to clothing so check it out ❤

I got some of their Hookups which are mini products that you could connect together and put in your purse. 

I love getting these because I love having cute little things in my purse!

I bought a mini brow gel and mini cute! 

I also got a pencil an liquid concealer and it came with a free connector piece.

All together I spent about $25 and they give a free connector for ever two hookup pieces you buy.

They sell mini lip gloss, mini eyeliner as well as full size makeup products. 

I highly recommend them, hope you find something that you like ❤  

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