Saturday, March 31, 2012

❤Seasonal Favorites: Winter Edition❤

Hi Bellas!

Winter is over and spring is finally here so I've decided to share all the beauty products I used this past winter with my lovely followers. 

These are products that I used very often and have worked for me all winter long. 

All of the products were so amazing that I had to repurchase them and plan on using of them this spring ❤

Here We Go ^_^ (All descriptions are from Left to Right)

Maybelline New York Baby Lips Lipbalm in Cherry Me
EOS Lipbalm Sphere in Sweet Mint
Revlon Cosmetics Just Bitten Lipstain & Balm in Passion
MAC Cosmetics Viva Glam Nicki Lipstick
ELF Cosmetics Eyebrow Kit
MAC Cosmetics Prep+Prime Pressed Powder
ELF Cosmetics Studio Blush in Twinkle Pink
Urban Decay Primer Potion
ELF Cosmetics Essential Waterproof Eyeliner Pen in Black
Maybelline New York Lash Stiletto Mascara in Very Black
Coastal Scents Cosmetics 88 Original Pallet 

Bath and Body Works Country Apple Shower Gel
Zoya Nail Polish in Bela
Soap and Glory Righteous Body Butter
Victoria's Secret Pink Mini Body Splash in Sweet & Flirty
Soap and Glory Girligo Moisturizing Mist
Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy Perfume

Nature's Way Efa Gold Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
Cantu Shea Butter Grow Strong Hair Strengthening Treatment
Garnier Fructis Length & Strength Fortifying Shampoo
Victoria's Secret So Sexy Style Glossy Hair Shine Mist
ApHogee Gloss Therapy Hair Polisher
Neutrogena Triple Moisture Silk-Touch Leave- In Conditioner Cream
Brush Boutique Duo Bristle Hairbrush

Aveeno Clear Complexion Daily Moisturizer
Ambi Skincare Fade Cream
Clean and Clear Advantage Popped Pimple Relief Drying Paste
ELF Cosmetics Zit Zapper Roll on Treatment
Noxzema Skincare Deep Lathering Facial Cleanser 
Soap and Glory Off Your Face Cleansing Cloths 

I hope you guys like this post and comment down below. 
Sorry if  it was kinda long ^_^
Let me know if you guys use some of these products too and tell me what you think ❤

Top image from Google Images

Thursday, March 29, 2012

❤ Mulberry for Target❤


Ciao Bellas!

Winter has been over for a few weeks now and March is finishing up as well. 

So in celebration of this past winter, I've decided to do a Seasonal Favorites post instead of monthly favorites.

It will be a post about all my favorite beauty projects I used this winter so be prepared for that post on Saturday ❤

Anyway, today I want to share my handbag obsession with you darlings!!

I love handbags, purses, bags whatever you may want to call them. I adore them.

I collect bags all the time but my very favorite collection is of my Mulberry for Target purses ❤

I have just about all of them but these two crossbody bags are my among my favorites!

I've been using them a lot recently. They're small but hold a lot and are super cute.

They're perfect for dates, shopping trips, running errands and for anytime you don't feel like using a huge bag.

I got them from eBay and this brand is hard to come by since they stopped selling the bags at Target so I'm really glad I got them when I did.

Let me know what you think ❤❤❤❤

Bottom three images credited to Google Images

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

❤Urban Decay Naked Haul❤

Top: Naked 2
Bottom: Naked

Hey Bellas!

I'm back with an epic haul post!

I finally caved and got the Urban Decay Naked pallets!

I've been debating on whether to buy these for a while now but I decided to get them since I don't have a lot of neutral pallets.

They were having their friends and family sale when I bought these and I used a coupon so I paid about $40 for both pallets which is less than the cost of one ❤

From top to bottom in each pic you can see the Naked 2 and original Naked

Each pallet sells for $50 and they both come with amazing brushes and deluxe samples.

The Naked 2 comes with a double ended brush and  Naked lip gloss
The Naked comes with a single end brush mini primer potion.

If you don't like shimmer then these are not for you because almost every shade has a shimmery finish to it.

I love all the colors and if you guys want swatches just Google it because they're all over the place.

If you guys have these too let me know what you think in the comment box down below ❤

Bottom image is from Google Images, no copyright infringement is intended. 

Friday, March 23, 2012

❤Nail Polish of the Month❤

Hi my darling Bellas!!

I'm so sorry for the long wait my lovelies!!!! 
I've been really busy with school stuff and boring day to day life. 
I'm almost at 150 followers and I've decide to save the giveaway for 200 followers instead. 
Most of the makeup I bought has come in the mail so stay tuned because I'll be posting on that soon.


This will be the first of many Nail Polish of the Month posts ❤

My favorite nail polish for the month of March is this adorable ballerina pink nail varnish from called Bela. 

I've been wearing this color on and off all month and I love it!

I get a ton of compliments wearing it and it matches all my outfits. 

I wear 3 coats of this with a base and top coat for an opaque glossy finish.

It has a non-glittery cream finish and looks great on many different skin tones but especially on fair to golden tan complexions ❤

I really recommend this varnish for all you pink lovers out there! ^-^

Thanks for following, commenting, supporting me and being patient during my brief hiatus. Kisses! ❤

Photos credited to Google Images. No copyright violation is intended.

Monday, March 12, 2012

❤Bella Beauty Tip❤

Hi my Bellas!

So I have some amazing makeup hauls coming up for you guys so stay tuned for that!
I'm just waiting for everything to come in the mail :(
Here are the brands of the hauls
Urban Decay
Hello Kitty for Sephora

Anyway here's today's tip.

Do you have ugly stained nails because you wear too much nail varnish without a proper base coat?
If that's you then you're a naughty girl!! (...just like me...)

Don't worry you naughty person, with a little bit of work you can fix that ❤

Here's what you'll need
A nail scrubby brush (or firm bristle toothbrush)
Baking soda
Fresh lemon juice
Cuticle oil
Hand cream (without any dyes)

1) Soak your nails in warm water for about 3-5 minutes.
2) Apply baking soda to your nail brush and scrub your nails. 
3) Rinse and swipe on some lemon juice with a cotton ball. 
4) Apply cuticle oil the skin around your nails (keep it off your actual nail to let the lemon juice work)
5) Let your nails dry for about 5 minutes
6) Apply your favorite hand cream and remember to put on your base coat next time! ❤

Do this about twice a week until you see results. 
For badly stained nails scrub with baking soda everyday and the lemon juice twice a week until you see results.

This is what works for me and hopefully it'll work for you. Let me know what you think ❤

Forever21 Haul part.2

These are just three pairs of jeans I bought recently at Forever21. 

They were $24.80 each and I bought one in black, grey and dark blue. 

They're skinny but has tons of stretch so they're really comfy ❤

All images credited to and no copyright violation is intended. 

Forever21 Haul part.1

I went to Forever21 to buy some new jeans and I had to get some of these things in the accessories section. 

I got these two bow leather bracelets for $1.50 each one in black and one in brown. 
They're super cute and I'm really into bows ❤

I got three flower rings in blue pink and cream, they have rhinestones and aren't that special but I wanted some more rings each one was $1.50

I bought these amazing braided suede rhinestone bracelets for $5.80 each for the cream one and black one. 
I get lots of complements on them ❤

Lastly for the jewelry I bought these huge pink and gold feathered earrings for $5.80

I got three pencil case things that you might recognize from my post on 
I already had the black one so when I saw these I had to get them. 
I got a purple, light pink, and hot pink one for $5.80 each

Finally I picked up this random pink leopard print towel for $9.80 because it was cute ^_^

Part 2 is coming up ❤

The last image is credited to and no copyright violation is intended. 

Victoria's Secret Haul part.2

Here's the second half of my Victoria's Secret Haul! 

I've been needing new sweats so I stopped buy VS and saw these and fell in love!

They're from this new Super Model Essential Collection and they had a bunch of stuff but the sweats are the best.

I got the Fleece Hoodie for $59.50 and Fleece Pants for $49.50 and with my purchase I got a free tote!

These sweats are super comfy and cute like the VS Pink brand so I like them both.

You should totally check it out 

Pictures from Google Images. No copyright violation is intended. 

Victoria's Secret Haul part.1

Here's the first half of my Victoria's Secret Haul! 

I saw these really cute bags in the PINK section and had to get them. 

The first bag is this cute pink tote called the Bling Weekender Bag for $29.50.
I love it so much! I spilled coffee on it and it came right out in the washing machine.

The next one is the Bling Slouchy Tote for $29.50 and I've been using it for school and errands. 
Its pretty big but what girl doesn't like big bags.

Lastly I bought some of the Pure Seduction Body Lotion and Body Wash for $10-$12. 
I love the smell and new packaging.

Part 2 is coming up ❤

Pictures from Google Images. No copyright violation is intended. 

Sunday, March 11, 2012

❤Bella Beauty Tip❤

Hey Bellas!

Instead of a tip I've decided to let you guys know about a sale going on at

It's the March Makeup Madness sale where everything is 20% off !!!

I mean everything! They sell NYX products, Eyeko, LA Colors, Beauty Blender and much much more.

I really think you guys should check it out and shop shop shop but hurry because the sale ends March 15th!

I bought a ton of stuff and I'll be doing a haul post when my order comes in the mail.  

Enjoy the sale and let me know what you guys bought❤

Saturday, March 10, 2012

❤What's in My School Bag!!❤

I know it's been a little while since I've hit 50 followers but here's my promised "What's in My Purse" post!

I've tweaked it a tiny bit and decided to do a "What's in My School Bag" post like the ones I saw on Youtube!

This post is dedicated to my lovely 50th follower Rina ❤ Check out and follow her blog it's so cute!

The first pic is of my daily makeup bag. It's black with heart-shaped sequins from Forever21.
Inside I have:
MAC Prep and Prime pressed powder
Soap and Glory Body Butter
Hello Kitty Sephora Palette
Maybelline Baby Lips
Japanese Cherry Blossom Hand Sanitizer
Pink Leopard Mini Nail File
Viva La Juicy Mini Fragrance Pen
Maybelline Falsies Mascara
Revlon Just Bitten Lipstain in Passion
Mini Sponge Eye Makeup Applicator
 NYX Blotting Sheets
Japanese Cherry Blossom Body Splash
Medusa Makeup Pink Kabuki Brush
Tokidoki Mints
My Purse Hook (I never put my bag on the floor...EVER!!!)
Clearasil Spot Treatment (I break out a lot T-T)  

Next is my school supplies case from Forever21 too. In it I have my:
5 Brand Spearmint Gum
An Extra Compact Mirror
My Phone Charger Wall Plug
My Extra Keys
My Whiteout Tape
A Pink Mechanical Pencil
A Pink Pen with Black Ink
My Green Ink Highlighter and Pen
My Blue Ink Highlighter and Pen
My Purple Ink Highlighter and Pen
My Pink Ink Highlighter and Pen

The second to last pic is just what everything looked like when I emptied my bag on Thursday.
My pink phone pouch
My leopard Ipod and I.D case
My pink mini coin case
My purse extender 
House Keys 
5 subject notebook 
Sophocles I (I'm taking a Greek Philosophy and Greek Literature class ^_^)

The last pic is what my bag looks like. I bought it from eBay.

Hope you all enjoyed this post

The bottom image is from and no copyright violation is intended.

❤Sephora Hello Kitty Palette❤

This is the Hello Kitty Shimmering Powder and Eyeshadow Palette $20.00 from Sephora and I'm in love with it ❤

The packaging is super adorable and I'm a Hello Kitty fanatic so this purchase was a must-have!

The colors are exactly as shown: Shimmery gold on the top tier for your face and shimmery black, brown, grey and cream colored eyeshadows on the bottom tier.

It comes with a mirror but no applicators so you'll need your own brushes ❤

I really love this palette so I recommend it to everyone who loves hello kitty and makeup ^_^ 

Bottom image is credited to Google Images and no copyright violation is intended.

❤Soap and Glory at Sephora❤

So I'm officially in love with Soap and Glory Products!
I love the scents, packaging and quality...I only wish I knew about these sooner :(
So after getting their gift set for my birthday I knew I had to get some of the full size products.

Here's what I got from
Soap and Glory Girligo Body Moisturizing Mist - 7.7 oz $18.00
Soap and Glory The Righteous Body Butter - 10.1 oz $18.00
Soap and Glory Off Your Face Wipes Cleansing Cloths - 25 Cloths   $10.00

I got free shipping and these samples:
                         Boscia Enlivening Amino-AG Eye Treatment 
Philosophy Hope in a Jar - 0.2 oz
Nude Advanced Cellular Renewal Serum - 0.07 oz
 100-Point Perk - Ole Henriksen Truth Serum - 0.25 oz
Ojon Damage Reverse Sample Pack 

I'll definitely be trying the Ojon sample pack so lookout for a review on that ❤

❤Meet Mark Mini Haul❤

So I went to and bought a few things! 
I love this site because it's a part of Avon and who doesn't love Avon. 

Meet Mark is for the younger makeup lover and has celebrity sponsors like Ashley Greene from Twilight!

They have really great products from makeup to clothing so check it out ❤

I got some of their Hookups which are mini products that you could connect together and put in your purse. 

I love getting these because I love having cute little things in my purse!

I bought a mini brow gel and mini cute! 

I also got a pencil an liquid concealer and it came with a free connector piece.

All together I spent about $25 and they give a free connector for ever two hookup pieces you buy.

They sell mini lip gloss, mini eyeliner as well as full size makeup products. 

I highly recommend them, hope you find something that you like ❤  

❤Bella Beauty Tip❤

Hey my Bellas!

I've got a ton of posts coming out so stay tuned!
I've reached 100 followers and I want to thank everyone for their support.
I'm still working on how to do a giveaway so that might take some time.

Here's the next Bella Beauty Tip!

Wanna know something weird that you could do with Vaseline?
You could use it to make your perfume last longer!
This is great because we spend all this money on perfumes, only to have them wear off after a while.
But when you spray it on top of a thin layer of Vaseline the scent lasts much longer!
Try this and see if it works or you ❤


Thursday, March 8, 2012

❤Smashbox Birthday Gift Haul❤

So as you all know, my birthday was last Saturday and I did a ton of shopping.

When you sign up for rewards points at certain stores they give you birthday gifts and stuff.

For example I got two free mini Fresh lip balms from Sephora.

When I ordered from I was given a birthday gift code for a free eyeliner set.

So I added the code and repurchased my nude lip pencil (Light $16.00) and a slanted eyeliner brush (#21 $20.00) and got a free deluxe sample of their hydrating primer.

The palette is nice but I only like one color in it so I wont do any swatches for it.

All in all it was a pretty decent purchase but nothing to rave about ❤

❤Bella Beauty Tip❤

Hi my Bellas!

Don't you hate it when one of your long nails is starting to break off? 
It starts to get snagged on your clothing and gets very annoying to deal with so you just cut it off?

Well no more my dears! No more!

Here's today tip to help you deal with long breaking nails.

When you notice the corner of your nail has ripped slightly, tend to it right away!

Take any tea bag and cut off a small piece, wet it and apply the ripped section of your nail.

Make sure its big enough to cover the spot that's ripping in the front and big enough to wrap around to the back of your nail.

Apply two coats of clear nail strengthening polish to your entire nail and at the back of your nail.
(By back of the nail I mean where the dirt gathers sometimes ^_^)

(This is not a permanent solution and you will have to cut your nail eventually but this will tie you over until your nail grows to a length that you're comfortable cutting)

After a while your nail will have grown out enough for you to cut it down to get rid of the ripped edge. 


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

❤Bella Beauty Tip❤

Hey guys, so the weather in New York has been crazy and I got a tan!!!!! 

I hate getting a tan because it always makes my skin uneven. :(

Do you ever feel this way? Do you want to lighten that disgusting tan?

Here's today's Bella Tip to let you know what to do!

Lighten your skin all over with lemons!
Squeeze a bunch of organic lemons into a bottle and keep it in your refrigerator.
When you feel the need to lighten, just exfoliate your skin and apply the lemon juice with a cotton ball. 

For your face:
Add lemon juice to your favorite cleanser and use it on your face no more then three times a week.
Rinse well and apply a moisturizer with a strong SPF ❤

Enjoy your even skin tone!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

❤Bella Beauty Tip❤

Hi my Bellas!

So I'm nearing 100 followers which means I'll be doing my first giveaway!

I haven't decided how I'll go about doing it but I'll let you all know by the weekend. 

Here's toady's Bella Tip ❤

Do you have big fat facial pores and blackheads galore???

Are you tired of spending money on fancy pore strips?

I've got the solution for you and it's in your refrigerator! 

Take some organic eggs and separate the yolk from the white. 
(don't use regular eggs because you never know what additives are in them)

Take the egg white and beat it in a bowl until it loosens up but not until it starts to foam up.

Apply a thick layer to your face where you want to tighten pores and remove dirt. 

Allow to dry then peel it off (look at all the junk that came out...ewwww!!!) 

Cleanse, rinse and moisturize your face and say bye-bye to big pores!

What do you do with the left over yolk? 
You could either:
A) throw it out :(
B) cook it and eat up (yum yum)
C) put it in your hair because our locks love egg yolks!

I you chose C consider yourself a proud member of the Bella Squad! 
put the yolks in your damp hair for a few minutes then rinse it out, shampoo and condition as usual

Monday, March 5, 2012

❤Bella Beauty Tip❤

I'm almost at 90 followers and I can't believe it! 

I'm really grateful for everyone following and commenting on my blog, it really means so much to me.

Anyway here's another tip ❤

So we wear our gorgeous makeup all day and when its time to go to bed we forget that it's still on.
I know I do!!! 

Sometimes, I'm too lazy to wash my face at night 
(I know it's really bad but I still do it... because I'm naaaughty ^_^ )

Although I don't wash my face most nights, I do make sure I take off my makeup (let's make sure you do too!)

Leave your makeup remover and facial wipes on your nightstand or vanity and remove your makeup right before bed.

I use MAC makeup remover and Soap and Glory facial cleansing wipes from Sephora. ^_^

In the morning, wash your face with a gentle exfoliator. I'm currently using X-out. 

Sunday, March 4, 2012

❤Bella Beauty Tip❤

Wow 75 followers and it feels amazing ❤

Here's today's Bella Tip!

So I've had the Soap and Glory Moisturizing Mist for a few days and I'm already in love with it!

If you're lazy like me you don't usually moisturize right after a shower like you're supposed to.

With this moisture mist I just shower, dry off and spray this all over my body and let it air dry for soft soft. 

Now you could buy this exact one or you could make your own!

Here's how you do it
Get a good spray bottle that mists

In a bowl: add your favorite body butter then add small amounts of cooled boiled water 
(stir until you get a thin milky consistency) 

Pour it into the bottle, shake, spray and enjoy ❤

*you could also do this with lotion and without using a bowl. Just add the lotion and water to the bottle and shake until it's just right (but the body butter is better for me)*

Try both ways and let me know what you think! ❤

❤Massive Coach Poppy Haul!!❤

Omg I have 70+ followers! Thanks for all the love and support ❤

So my coach stuff came yesterday and here's what I got

First is the Coach Poppy metallic signature glam tote for $198.00 style:17890 golden khaki.
This came and it was damaged so I sent it back for a refund. I didn't like it that much anyway.

Next is the Coach Universal Poppy Sequin Case Wristlet Cell Phone Holder Purse style:60681 Opal  $46.99 free shipping from

I love this it fits so much stuff:
I could put my phone (Samsung Galaxy S2), keys, money, i.d, cards, i pod and small lip balm in it!

Finally I bought the Poppy flower fragrance $20.00 style:b221    1.7oz

It's a perfect spring scent thats described as having:
"Sparkling notes of citrus, lychee and cassis blend with water lily and jasmine petals to create an airy, lighthearted fragrance."