Saturday, March 3, 2012

❤Sephora Birthday Haul❤

Hey Bellas!
So I woke up to almost 70 followers this morning! That was the best blogger b-day present ever!

Yesterday I went shopping with a few friends as a pre-birthday present to me :) 

We of course had to stop by Sephora ❤

I saw this Soap and Glory gift set and I had to have it!

It came with body wash, body moisture mist, body butter, body scrub, hand cream, shampoo and loofah in a cute bag. The scents are amazing and fresh. I'll do a separate review on them later. 

At the checkout line I got my Beauty Insider birthday gift of the deluxe sample size of the Fresh brand lip balm in Sugar and Rose. I also got this Clinique Intense Moisture Cream sample.

I saw this mini Tokidoki Mint and Mirror tin and I had to get it! Sooo cute ❤

I also got a bunch of samples that I'll review for you guys later if you want. Let me know in the comment box below ❤


  1. aah all that soap and glory stuff looks luscious!! looking forward to a review! xx

    1. Thanks for the comment. I'll try to get that review done by next weekend :)