Wednesday, March 6, 2013

21st Birthday at Sephora

My birthday was Sunday and I'm finally 21.
I stopped by the Sephora store about a week ago (which is blocks away from my school...YAY)
I picked up my Beauty Insider birthday gift .
You can pick it up 2 weeks before or after your birthday no purchase necessary
You get a mascara and highlighter stick from Benefit Cosmetics.
I went back on the evening of my birthday and got my makeup done for a fun night out.

Top and bottom images are from Google images.


  1. I never used any products of Sephora, because i have no idea where i can buy them here in Belgium. But this was a nice post and it's really fun when you get birthday gifts from stores.

    Miss MacManus

    1. thanks for commenting again <3
      I googled your question and found this answer...hope it helps:

      "Since Sephora will not ship directly the UK or AU or Europe directly, I would suggest using a third party forwarding company that will ship internationally to buy what you want from the site.

      Basically you would set up a US address/mailbox, order from Sephora, provide the US address. They will ship there (which is actually the forwarding company's warehouse,) and the forwarding company will re-package/consolidate, prepare the paperwork and ship to you in the UK or AU.

      I have done this many times and it is safe, legitimate, and not super expensive. Here are a couple of forwarders to look into:"

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