Friday, August 27, 2010

Shopping Tips and Tricks

Here's some advice to use on your next shopping trip that can save you money and help you stop buying useless things.

♥ Stop Buying Unnecessarily ♥

1) Have an idea of what you want to buy. A small list on a piece of paper or a shopping list app your phone keeps you from buying things you don't need.

2) When a sales person offers you a bag or basket to "help make shopping easier for you" don't take it!! The bags or baskets are usually huge and can hold a lot of stuff, which will tempt you to buy more stuff than necessary. Holding things in your hands helps you buy less. Only take a bag or basket when you expect to buy a large amount of items.

3) When shopping in a mall, go around and buy everything you need first. Then if your hungry buy something to eat before going back around the mall to see if there's anything you might want. Only do this if you have money left that you don't mind spending. Sometimes its okay to buy something you weren't planning to get if you really like it.

4) Don't go shopping with people who over spend or are at a different economic level than you. People with more money will make you want to spend more so you don't feel left out and people with less money will keep you from buying all the things you want so you don't make them feel bad.

5) Don't buy something you think you might have at home. If you think something you're about to buy might be something you already have, don't get it! If you're not sure if you have it already, check home first before going back to purchase it.

6) Clean you're room! Cleaning helps you organize and throw out things you no longer need. It also helps you find things you wont have to buy again which keeps you from buying unnecessarily. Plus straightening up your room can burn up to 170 calories according to

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