Saturday, September 1, 2012

Forever21 Micro Haul

Hey Bellas!
I'm finally back with a new post after my month long giveaway ❤

I went on to buy a few things from their labor day sale and here's what I got.

I bought this cute Quilted Patent Makeup Bag in black for $5.80 it has glam pink interior and its super roomy and fits a lot without getting bulky.
I'll definitely be using this for my daily makeup bag ❤

Next I purchased these Colored Skinny Chinos in Walnut for $19.80 because its a perfect color for fall and it goes with a lot of my clothes. 

I'll be starting school this week and I hope to be able to make regular posts.

Happy September ^_^


  1. Replies
    1. Me too. They're so comfy when I tried them on. I cant wait to wear it to my classes :)

  2. That makeup bag is very chic!! Def does not look like it only costs 5.80!!

    1. Thanks. Its really good quality for a low price. I'm glad I got it <3

  3. hello beautiful! great blog;) you like to follow each other? wonderful shopping, the bag is delicious

  4. Interesting blog!!
    wanna follow each other?? =)