Saturday, September 15, 2012 Two Faced Cosmetics Haul

Hey Bellas!
Schools been crazy fun so far and I'm glad to be back.
Here's a quick fun post on these Two Faced palettes I got courtesy of my amazing sponsor
I got the Natural Eye Palette and the Leopard Love Palette.
All the colors are amazing and last long and I've loved using these palettes all summer
If you guys have these let me know what you think about it ❤

Stay tuned for my summer favorites post ❤

Love you guys ^_^

Pictures 2,4,5 and 7 are credited to Google Images the rest are my own. No copyright violation is intended. This is a sponsored post. Products are courtesy of The sponsor has in no way influenced the opinions presented in this post.  


  1. Αχ αυτές οι too faced! άχτι τις έχω!!!!

    1. From what i understand of greek I guess you like too faced.
      Lol me too! thanks for commenting :)

  2. Grazie per il follow ^^
    Adoro i blush leopard! soprattutto il candy!
    A loser like me