Friday, May 11, 2012

❤Origins Skincare Haul❤

Hey Bellas!
I went to the Origins Skincare Counter at the mall a few weeks ago and got a ton of stuff!
They were giving out a ton of free samples if you bought something.
I decided to buy a few products since I had a $50 gift card for them that I haven't used yet. 
The sales person asked me what kind of skin problems and recommended a few products for me.

In the first two pictures
Dr.Weil Mega Bright Moisturizer
A Perfect World SPF 20 Moisturizer
Checks and Balances Facial Cleanser
Zero Oil Shine Control Moisturizer

These products will help with my combination/oily skin, dark spots, and shiny pimple prone skin ❤

In the third pictures
Brighter by Nature Skin Peel Pads
Modern Friction Facial Scrub
A Perfect World Moisturizer

These are the deluxe samples that I received for my purchase. 
The sales person did a good job of coordinating the samples with the things I bought ❤

In the final picture
These are just a bunch of free samples they were handing out.
I got a few of them as I passed by the counter while I was shopping and I got the rest of them while I was at the counter buying things ❤

All together my gift card paid for the total purchase plus tax. 
I didn't spend a penny ^_^
Even if I didn't have the gift card I still would have bought some stuff because Origins products are great. 
The sales people were really knowledgeable and polite.
They gave out a ton of free samples and didn't pressure me to buy something like the other counters do ❤

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