Wednesday, May 9, 2012

❤ Haul❤

Here's a really small post on the stuff I got from on sale. I bought a lot of stuff but I had a bunch of coupons to take the price down a notch. I got other stuff but it was everyday things like toothbrushes and deodorant (not very interesting) 

Let's Jam (Alcohol Free) Protein Styling Gel with Mega hold   $3.99
Mane n' Tail Deep Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner   $3.99 each
TRESemme Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Protective Spray   $4.75 
Clean and Clear Advantage Acne Control Moisturizer   $7.19
One A Day VitaCraves Gummies with Omega-3 DHA Fruit Punch Flavor   $17.99
Tide to Go Mini Stain Remover Pens  $5.99 
Kissing Elixers Vanilla Mint Breath Mist  $9.50


  1. Great post!

  2. ohh I am loving Mane and Tail it's so great!!
    really gets the kinks out of my hair after a crazy weekend!!
    really enjoying reading through your blog,aaaand
    i've just set up my first blog..
    please pop over and give it a couple of visits!
    a little encouragement would be nice too!!
    Sarah xo

    1. thanks for commenting.
      I love this shampoo brand it's really great.
      Thanks for checking out my blog hopefully you'll follow
      I like your blog keep working hard on it :)
      I like your nail polish post

  3. hi! how did you like the shampoo and conditioner? I heard it makes your hair grow... :)

    1. I love them! They work really well.
      It makes your hair stronger and that makes it grow longer without breakage.
      It's really good and together they cost no more than $10.
      I recommend it <3

    2. I checked out your blog. Love it!!
      I followed maybe you can follow me too <3