Wednesday, April 11, 2012

❤MAC Hello Kitty Travel Brush Set❤

Ciao Bellas!

These is the Hello Kitty for MAC Travel Brush Set!

I've had these brushes since they came out at MAC ❤

The brushes have been getting pretty shabby lately
(I wasn't taking care of them too much...because I'm naughty)

Finally, I decided to get a new set so I went on eBay to get these.
(eBay is my life ❤)

Anyway, I bid on this for about $10 and won!

The brushes are super cute and small, they come in a leather carrying case.

Whenever I wear a full face of makeup, this travel case is definitely with me so I can do my touch-ups.

If you guys want this, it's all over eBay for super low prices. I hope you enjoyed this post ❤

Top two images from Google Images.


  1. Love everything about your blog!
    Its so cute :)

    Would love if you could follow back..

  2. Αυτό το set είναι υπέροχο! Γενικά νομίζω οτι η mac έχει πολύ ωραία πράγματα! Φιλιά!!!

    1. I had to translte what you were saying lol

      Is this it:
      "This site is wonderful! Overall I think the mac has nice things! Kisses!"

      Thanks for commenting :)