Friday, February 10, 2012

Maybelline New York Baby Lips Collection

I am in love with these lip balms!! At first I wasnt really interested in them since they were so hard to find in the stores and kind of over priced.

However when I saw one of the girls in my class (who usually has ashy cracked lips from hell...but she's cool) using it I thought that if it was working for her then it would certainly work for me since my lips werent in as severe a conditon as hers.

So I bought one (in peppermint) at CVS and fell in love with it. It worked a lot better then my EOS balm and lasted longer. My lips felt much softer, smoother and looked a lot lighter since I have dark spots on my upper lip.

Unfourtunately I lost it after about a week and my lips reverted back to normal. So I decided to buy all of them and do a review on them.

I got all six from ebay for $23.95 including shipping. From left to right you have Cherry Me (red tint), Grape Vine (plum tint), Peppermint (no tint), Peach Kiss (peachy tint), Quenched (no tint), and Pink Punch (hot pink tint).

I love all of them, they're not extremly pigmented so its good for everyday wear. The scents are light and fade after awhile and they have SPF 20 and last a few hours without the need to re-apply. I keep one in the bathroom, one in my room, one in my purse, and one in my locker at school! It does everything it says it can by making your lips better overall.

I recommend using a lip scrub before applying the balm to help get rid of any peeling skin. I scrub my lips every morning with a toothbrush (just for my lips and nothing else) right before applying any balm.

After 2 weeks I've seen a big difference in the overall appearance of my lips and hopefully you will too! Get them now! ❤


  1. I liked it so much I would share some of the products followed in Turkey not only dependents staying :)


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  3. Are you doing the raffle for the products :)

    1. no im sorry. I'll be keeping these. But if you're interested in buying these they're on