Saturday, February 25, 2012

❤Hello Kitty Amazon Haul❤

Finally got my order in the mail.

I bought mostly Hello Kitty stuff because I absolutely love all things Hello Kitty! ❤

The first thing I got was the wallet at about $25 and its super cute with a coin pouch included with all the things a regular has. It's quilted with a puffy adorable!

The next thing is a cute phone case/pouch that can fit an iPhone or my phone the Samsung Galaxy S2 I got for $15. The picture is wrong it's actually the same dark pink inside and not yellow. The charm is removable and i plan on adding different charms to it.

The last few things are a couple compact mirrors i picked up for about $8 in total and they're all really cute! What Hello Kitty item isn't cute????

Thanks to everyone following my blog :) ❤


  1. OMGOSH! im so jealous all that stuff is suppper cute! Love the quilted pouch ecspecially!!!

    Everything Hello Kitty is cuteness!!!

    1. thanks for the comment. I followed your blog too :)