Thursday, January 17, 2013

Battle of the Hair Treatments: Carol's Daughter Monoi vs. Ojon Damage Reverse

I got both from Sephora. The Ojon was a free deluxe sample set and I bought the Carols Daughter set.
I used the Ojon set for a few months then waited another few months before using the Monoi set.

In terms of the Ojon treatment, I felt like it did a lot of good things after the first use. 
My hair felt stronger and thicker and healthier. 
My hair was overall shinier and easier to style.
The only drawback would be that the products STINK!

The Carols Daughter Monoi Set smelled amazing and also made my feel healthier.
It was great as well but it took many uses to see any results.

So for this battle I think i'll call it a tie.

If you're looking for a quick effective fix for damaged hair, choose the Ojon line if you dont mind the smell.

If you want something that works and smells good you could go with the Monoi line but dont expect immediate results.

Thanks for reading ^_^

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