Thursday, November 8, 2012

Online Money for Makeup

As you can see I haven't made a huge amount of money yet. This is only one deposit of $60.
That's enough to buy a NAKED Palette and have money left over for some lunch 

Hey my lovely Bellas!
As you know, I've been in school recently and its hell!
I lost most of financial aid so i have no money for personal needs.
My tuition is still paid but I would use my extra aid to pay for book transportation and toiletries.

I've been borrowing money from family and it sucks.
I thought of getting a job but that would only add to my stress and workload.

After weeks of thinking of my situation I finally thought of a solution.
Why not work online?!

This company is AWESOME !!! It is QUICK AND EASY MONEY !!!
BASICALLY these big companies are paying us to do free trials for them like netflix and stuff .

1). You click the link at the end of this message and sign up for the website with your home address and stuff.

2)you read all the policies and Frequently asked questions so you can learn everything about the company  you could even look them up on the Better Business Bureau website.

3) The only requirement to start is to try some free trial offers. Like Blockbuster trial etc for a credit

4) As soon as you sign up for a trial write down all the cancellation info so you can cancel it on time. If you don’t cancel free offers on time you will be charged. If you stay on your game then you can make free money

Now if you want to start making money you have to keep the trial offer for 80% of the time so if a trial period is 7 days then you can cancel after 5 days.

After you get a credit you just keep telling people about the site ,send them to your page link and literally get paid daily !!! You are really advertising the AWESOME money you are making (which is a VERY easy sell) and all they have to do to make the same money is try a few trial offers for 80% of the trial period then cancel so they are never charges another penny but the money keeps flowing !!!

I'll help you find an easy free trial to do and once you get your credit you can get some of your friends to do it too and then you'll start making money.

If you need any help email me at

Sign up and make sure to read all the terms, policies and frequently asked questions so you can get to know more about this.

Here's the link

Sign up and make sure to email me before you start any free trials so I can walk you through it.

I wanted to share this with you guys because I know that it can be hard to find extra money for all the awesome beauty things we want to buy
I would like you to share in this opportunity with me so we could buy all the cute things we want.

You must be 16 years old and older
You must be a permanent legal resident of the U.S, Canada and U.K

You must use the site from your own personal computer
(No shared computers, public computers, or shared IP Adresses)

One Account per household
(No you and your siblings/roommates cant have separate accounts in the same living space)
First come first serve per house

You must have secure internet access, email address, bank issued credit or debit card 
and legal personal info (home address and etc)

You must have a Paypal or Payza account
(preferably paypal)

So the site is a Better Business Bureau reviewed company that helps online sites get people to trial run their products.
You sign up with the site, do a free trial to get a credit, then you help a friend do the same thing. 
Once your friend gets his or her credit...YOU get paid!

Always make sure to cancel the free trials so you never get charged money.
This is free to join the original home site and if youre good at remembering when to cancel trial offers then you wont have to pay for anything at all.

I really want to help people with this because I know that I'd want someone to help me if they knew about this because how frustrating is it when a new makeup or beauty line comes out and you have no monies!!!

This is not a sponsored post, this is what I found and wanted to share with you guys. The images are from Google.


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