Wednesday, July 28, 2010

♥ Welcome ♥

This is my first blog and I'm really excited about it so go easy on me.

So I bet you wanna know what I'll be putting on this blog? This blog is entitled ♥LizBella♥ (pronounced Leeeza Bella) for a reason. This will be about things ranging from beauty product reviews, hauls, store reviews, shopping and beauty tips, sales and deals, and other stuff I can't think of right now...

Now a little bit about me ❤❤❤

My name is Liz and I live in NYC
I have dark brown eyes and medium length dark brown relaxed hair
Im mac shade NC45 which is mostly medium, tan, almond, or caramel— depending on the makeup brand.
I love makeup and accessories!!
I do a lot of shopping online and in stores. I like to review beauty products I buy.
I tell it like it is when i review something— mostly because I'm picky.

So without further ado...

Welcome to ♥LizaBella♥ please enjoy and feel free to send me any feedback and requests to my e-mail ♪

If you like it, tell your friends!!
If you don't like it, tell your friends anyway, maybe they'll like it...

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